Steelemet is your reliable partner!
We provide real estate and construction services. Additionally, we help with staff recruitment

Building services

Do you need to build or renovate a house or apartment? Our company will take care of all of your tasks, provide assistance or find the right contacts
Construction of country houses
STEELEMET will help you build a house and also save you time, money and nerves
Reconstruction of private houses and apartments
With STEELEMET you will free yourself from all of the responsibilities. Quality renovation at a reasonable price
Provision of our specialists for collaborative/joint
STEELEMET has contractual relationships with various experts in the construction services. We provide our specialists during the execution of collaborative/joint orders
Road construction to the facility
Demolition & recycling services
STEELEMET offers quality comprehensive demolition and disposal services, including waste disposal
Selection of qualified specialists
We are able to not only provide the necessary specialists for your construction work, but also choose the most suitable and competent ones
Construction of rough structures
STEELEMET can build you a rough structure, selecting high-quality building materials for the rough construction of your house
Interior work
Any interior work for your house can be executed by us
Collaborative projects
Finishing work and garden development
STEELEMET offers all finishing construction and masonry work in the garden, providing all of the materials for their execution
Furniture and assembly
With STEELEMET you can afford furniture without worries including a professional assembly of furniture by our team of experts
STEELEMET, with its extensive network of experts, can assist with any construction work

Real Estate services

Are you looking to sell or rent out your property? We offer a full range of services related to the real estate market
A land sale and preparation for an agreement
We will produce a pre-design and design planning for you as well as take care of construction, only upon an approval and subsequent registration in the Real Estate Cadastre
Sale of family houses and apartments
We will relieve you of all of the worries and responsibilities of selling your property.
Property managememt
At the present time, we have a contractual relationship with experienced personnel in the professions necessary for managing properties
Sale of land
Sale of family houses
Preparation of documents
Sale of apartments
Building permits
Sale of commercial properties
Financial services
Yield from 10 years with a money back guarantee
About Us
Steelemet company - is a team of experts in the field of construction, real estate, finance and recruitment of active and passionate professionals with a lot of experience and a creative approach to business.
We have over 25 successful projects behind us, and our clients are: Škoda, Pilsner Urquell, Wiegel, SAS, Mall Group and many others
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Project manager
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Project manager
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